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Auto Repair Services

With 10 lifts and ample space, we always have room open for helping new customers and anyone in need of an emergency car or truck repair.


One of the most important aspects of your vehicles safety, SRD can make sure your tires are up to the task in this area’s varying conditions. With access to all of the top manufacturers we will help you chose a tire that best fits your needs.

tires and wheels
ac and heat in winter

AC and Heat

If you are experiencing poor performance from your vehicle’s air  conditioning/heater or they have stopped working completely, we’ll keep your vehicle comfortable throughout the seasons.

Engine and Transmission

Should your vehicle need extensive repairs to the engine or transmission, you can count on SRD’s extensive experience. With research and development carried over from our  racing operations, we know how to make them last!

engine and lifters
brake maintenance and repair


With extensive experience in braking systems we can help you repair and  maintain your vehicle’s brakes. Whether you are looking to increase braking performance or just want the noise to go away, SRD will help you pick the best options.

Diagnostics and Inspections

If an issue is found while inspecting your vehicle, we will notify you of your options and recommend your next steps. Proper diagnosis of complex problems is one of our main specialties at SRD.

diagnosis and inspection