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Keep Cool with Fresh Air Conditioning

car vents

The weather is warming up and summer is going to be in full swing soon. Have you used your car’s air conditioning yet? If it wasn’t blowing ice cold, you may need to have it serviced or recharged.

How does the air conditioning work?

Your car has a compressor that pushes a liquid called refrigerant into the air conditioning condenser, which rapidly cools the air around it. A fan blows that cool air into the vents and into the cabin. It works just like the refrigerator in your home, only more compact to fit under the hood.

How often do I need my air conditioning serviced?

While it’s good to have a general inspection every spring, you likely don’t need a full service unless something is malfunctioning. Most vehicles can go 5-10 years before they need any air conditioning repairs. Repairs can include replacing leaky rubber lines, recharging the system with new refrigerant, and replacing broken parts like the compressor and condenser. We can also replace fans and fix switches to make sure everything turns on properly.

What are signs I need my air conditioning serviced?

Signs that you need the air conditioning system serviced are easy to notice, especially on a hot day!

  • The air conditioning isn’t blowing cold air or the air is barely cold.
  • The air conditioning starts cold then blows warm or hot air after several minutes.
  • There’s a puddle of greasy fluid under the car or in the engine bay – that could be a refrigerant leak!
  • The vent air smells stale when the fan is running.
  • No air is moving when the fan is turned on.

Call or email to book an appointment to get your air conditioning inspected and serviced at SRD Auto Repair. We have a wonderfully cool, comfortable waiting room where you can chill with a drink while your car’s air conditioning problems are fixed.