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Diagnosing Clunking Noises

car engine and belt

It happens when you least expect it. You start your vehicle, take off for work, and it starts making a clunking or thumping sound. The more you drive, the worse it gets. Luckily that’s our specialty!

What causes clunking noises?

The metallic clunk or thud can come from a number of places on a vehicle. A tire could be failing from sagging. The engine’s mounts could be worn out, allowing it to rattle from side to side. A wheel bearing could be degraded and making one of the wheels hop as it turns. It could be any number of things and it can be hard to chase down the source in your own garage.

When should I take my vehicle in for a clunking noise?

Sometimes you can drive a little further, but in most situations you’re on borrowed time and should get to the shop as soon as you can. A problem can start out as a clunking or thudding, but that’s the sound of something breaking. It’s no fun being on the side of the road with worse damage than when you started the day, and sometimes driving further can cause more things to break!

How does SRD Auto Repair fix the noise?

Most of the time a part has been worn or fully broken and needs to be replaced before more damage occurs. We do our best to find strong, long-lasting replacement parts from our various vendors. If we need to contact a wrecking yard for a specialty part, that’s another option. In some situations we can create a new part at the shop.

Call or email to book an appointment to get your clunking diagnosed and repaired at SRD Auto Repair. We have the tools and experience to track down any noise. If the vehicle sounds unhealthy or you’re not comfortable driving it to the shop, give us a call and we can send our flatbed to bring it in safely.